Friday, June 21, 2013

C.S.T. Will Return.

   As of late we are sorry to not be posting more shit, doing graphics, etc... Our fearless leader was busy doing his own thing. But now he is going to return and C.S.T. will once again reign over all sites and take it's rightful spot back at #1. All these sites are just imitations of what CST was and going to be. C.S.T. will indeed be making a big, and i mean big comeback to include a clothing line, it's own artists, each individual dj's prices, as well as a complete rebuild of the site that was once the best graphical. Please be patient for right now until we can get it up and cracking. We respect all the support and hope to have more coming to you very soon. In meanwhile you can hit Dreemz up on twitter, myself on facebook, Lil Texan on Facebook... 

C.S.T. 4 Life and will always be #1.

Keep on the look out!!!! It Is Coming!!!!!!!!

DJ E-Klektic a.k.a. Tha Certified Juggalo

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Angellina & DJ Nawf - Motion Rounds Pt. 1 [2013]

01.) Lyes
02.) In Love (Feat. Gameboy)
03.) Cuttin' Tha Clouds
04.) Down For Me (Feat. Lil Texan)
05.) I Miss You
06.) Love You Boy
07.) Drugs In My Body [Remix] (Feat. 5950)
08.) Meant To Be
09.) Young & Gettin' It
10.) From The Heart (Feat. AK & Philly)
11.) My Bank
12.) Hero (Feat. Dat Boi' Fresh)
13.) Crazy
14.) He Will
15.) In Love [G-Mix] (Feat. Eizy Money & AK)
16.) Sick N' Tired (Feat. C-Pat & Mass)
17.) Baby It's You [Freestyle]
18.) Screw It and Chopp It (Feat. Dreemz, Lil Texan & Eizy Money) [BONUS TRACK]

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Twiztid - Abominationz (Slowed & Chopped by DJ Penguin)

Pastor Troy - King of All Kings (Slowed & Chopped by DJ Penguin)

Stevie Stone - Rollin' Stoned (Slowed & Chopped by DJ Penguin)

V.A. - Straight 2 Da Dome (Slow'd N Throw'd by DJ E-Klektic)

Prozak - Tales From The Sick (Slowed & Chopped by DJ Penguin)

Juvenile - Mardi Gras (Chopped Up Remix by DJ Lil M)

Kevin Gates - Make Em Believe (Chopped & Screwed by DJ Big T)

The Dayton Family - Charges of Indictment (Slowed N Chopped by DJ Penguin)

Tech N9ne presents Sickology 101 (Slowed & Chopped by DJ Penguin)

Woodpile - Everything I Know I Learned In Lockup (Slowed & Chopped by DJ Penguin)

Lloyd - The Playboy Diaries (Chopped & Screwed by DJ Supathrowed)

Psychopathic Rydas - Check Yo Shit In Bitch (Slowed & Chopped by DJ Penguin)

Killa D - Back On My Grind Vol. 3 (Slowed & Throwed by DJ Ksin)

V.A. - Houston Da Purple City (Screwed & Chopped by DJ Keebler G)

Stevie Stone - New Kid Comin (Slowed & Chopped by DJ Penguin)